Bud and Breakfast

Bud & Breakfast: 420 Holidays

Imagine going on holidays and being able to peacefully enjoy your favourite cannabis products at the tourist accommodation, by the pool with your friends or before going to bed after a day at the beach… Now it’s possible!


Bud&breakfast.com is the first portal to search for holiday rentals (hotels, campsites, villas, apartments and rooms) that are cannabis-friendly.

The accommodations are located in countries where the use and sale of cannabis is allowed and it’s are real legal paradise for cannabis users looking to enjoy personal freedom without fear.

Depending on the host and the rules of the country, you can buy cannabis products (edibles, extracts, flowers…) at the same place where you are staying or just make use of your own.

The hosts provide guests with bongs and vaporizers, as well as plenty of snacks, in case of sudden munchies.

While it’s possible to smoke and enjoy legal cannabis in any of the 420-friendly accommodations, there are some rules for our safety and for the safety of others:

  • Always keep cannabis products out of reach of children.
  • Smoke or vaporize only in the designated areas (some accommodations allow smoking only outside).
  • Avoid driving under the influence of cannabis or other substances.
  • Do not consume products acquired illegally.


On this portal there are many destinations available, from the most distant ones such as Colorado, California, Colombia and Jamaica, to nearby Amsterdam.

Prices vary according to the style and amenities of the accommodation, there really are options for all tastes and budgets.

You can stay in a Colombian country estate surrounded by nature in a totally private setting and spend around $17-20 per night, or opt for a luxurious suite in downtown Los Angeles for around $500 per night.

In addition to the accommodations, on budandbreakfast.com you will find different activities to complete your 420 holidays and… Make it unforgettable!

You can book a visit to a cannabis farm in Mendocino, walk among acres of sun-grown marijuana in Hawaii or learn about the cultivation and benefits of cannabis by taking an educational tour in the famous Humboldt (California).


It’s the perfect holiday, right? But to make sure nothing goes wrong and you can fully enjoy your escape, remember to follow these basic tips:

  • Before you book, take the time to read reviews from other guests.
  • Before traveling, check local policies on cannabis use and possession.
  • Only buy legal cannabis from licensed dispensaries.
  • If you’re not used to it, be wary of edibles that carry THC: they can be incredibly potent.

What are you waiting for to book your next cannabis adventure?

And if you’ve had a 420 tourism experience, tell us about it in the comments.