QR code and static menu: power up your CCS

At Cannabis Club Systems we never stop improving the functionalities of the system so that managing your cannabis club is easy and secure at all times.

There are two options inside your cannabis club’s management system to display the menu to the club’s members: the static menu, which can be shared on other devices in the club (screens, Tablets…) by means of a link as well as the QR code menu, which can be scanned with any Smartphone.


We have all, especially in recent years, become familiar with QR code menus in restaurants and bars, turning every meal into a digital experience. For that reason, we would like to explain the advantages of the QR code menu on CCS and how to activate it with just a few clicks.

The very same menu visible on your dispensary’s main screen is now available as a QR code and can be viewed using any Smartphone or Tablet.

Most mobile phones don’t need to have any special application installed and the QR code can be scanned using the device’s camera. Once the link appears, simply click on it to display the dispensary’s menu.

You can print out the QR code and place it on the tables or anywhere else in the club to make it visible to members without them having to come to the dispensary area.


The QR menu helps to boost partner interaction and comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Helping the club’s workflow: the digital menu will help members decide faster.
  • Improved member experience: more time to think and find out about products at one’s leisure.
  • Increasing overall member satisfaction: the QR menu reduces the perceived waiting time and will keep members entertained.
  • Reducing the queue to the dispensary: members will arrive at the dispensary with a clearer idea of what they would like to order and do it in less time.
  • Increasing productivity: saving time will allow your team to carry out more activities during their working hours.
  • Easy update: any changes you make are automatically visible in the QR code menu.

As we have seen, this option comes with many benefits, both for the members, who will have more time to view the menu and less stress caused by waiting, as well as for you and your team, as you will be able to carry out other tasks with the time saved in this process.


This feature has all the advantages of the QR code menu in terms of saving time and increasing productivity in your cannabis club.

The biggest difference is that it cannot be viewed directly on the member’s mobile phone. To share it, you have to use a link and a PIN code.

It may be the best option for those who want to keep the dispensary menu secure and controlled at all times, as it can be viewed using a link that is only available to the system administrator and can also be accessed with a PIN code.


The new QR code menu in Cannabis Club Systems is very simple and fast to activate, here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to the system with your administrator credentials.
  • Enter the administration panel
  • Find the “Administrator” section, click on “Settings” and “QR Code Menu”.
  • Click on “Create code” Your QR code menu is ready!
  • Choose if you want the menu to show the prices of the products.
  • Print out the code and make it available to members


Here’s how to activate the static menu on another device or screen in your club in a simple and safe manner:

  • Enter the administration panel
  • Find the “Administrator” section and click on “Club Profile”.
  • You will see the links to the menu “Dispensary” or “Bar” below your logo.
  • Copy the link of the menu you would like to share to another device.
  • Paste it on another device (Tablet, USB…) and add a PIN number for increased security.

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