Cannabis and the creative process

All hands on deck

We´re back with the first blog post of the new year. After a couple of months of hard work it´s time to get our creative juices flowing, and share cannabis related stories with our readers on a weekly basis again.

These past holidays we´ve been spoilt with presents at CannabisClubSystems, filling the gap that a competitor left with its exit from Spain. Between Thanksgiving and the Three Kings celebrations we´ve welcomed record numbers of new customers, consolidating our position as national market leaders. It´s very gratifying to see so many new cannabis clubs enjoying the services we provide, although it has also been stressful and hard work that has hijacked most of our time for creative thinking.

This leaves us to wonder: What conditions do we need to create, how does the creative process work and how does cannabis influence it?

Blowing in the wind with Metaphysics

There seems to be a clear consensus among cannabis consumers that the plant has an almost magical effect on our creative abilities, but there is be very little scientific data to back up any definitive conclusions. Why is this exactly?

To study creativity we have to exit the world we can measure and enter in the realm of metaphysics, ruled by personal experiences and subjective truths. The lack of an empirical framework makes it as good as impossible to draw objective conclusions. Although the personal experiences of so many smokers are convincing, any affirmation of the benefits of cannabis on creativity is still speculative and anecdotal. This is demonstrated by a simple question: ‘Does weed make you more creative, or do more creative people smoke weed?’

Back to science with divergent thinking

Of course, there have been various scientific studies done on the subject and advances have been made in recent years. The most commonly used measure for creativity is Divergent thinking, known to be a type of reasoning that explores many possible solutions and typically occurs in a spontaneous manner. Divergent thinking can be monitored through activity in the frontal lobe of our brain. When we create, the size and activity of this area increases significantly.

This activity has been studied in the past years, revealing some interesting data. The results suggest that cannabis actually does influence our creative abilities, but there are important side-notes to keep in mind.. what have we learned:

A study done in 2014 found that in low doses (5,5 mg of THC), cannabis slightly improved two aspects of divergent thinking: fluency and flexibility. Scores were also significantly higher for originality, or the uniqueness of responses. However, when the dose was increased to 22 mg of THC, scores were markedly lower in most categories.

Conclusion? Get high, just don´t get too high if you actually want to get things done.

Creative CannabisClubSystems

In busy times we still push for new creative solutions at CannabisClubSystems, taking science to hart. Of course we also rely on our customers to provide us feedback on the needs they have. This way we continuously improve our service and provide our customers with the best solutions on the market.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us!

Source: Leafly