The Wonderful World of Cannabis

‘If you want to see Paradise, just take a look and view it.. Wanna change the world, there´s nothing to it.’ – Willy Wonka

Get ready for Spannabis 2020!

With the 17th edition of Spannabis around the corner, Barcelona is gearing up in preparation for this massive event and excitement can be felt throughout the country. Have you got your ticket already, and a place to crash from the 13th till the 15th of March? This year we can expect to be amazed again by the latest innovations from trendsetters in the cannabis industry, accompanied by great performances and a general good vibe.

Through the years the cannabis community has spawned its own legends; Spannabis is where the greats come together and new stars are born. It´s the place to be next month for everyone in the 420 community. More than 300 stands spread over 5 halls, including the best seedbanks, nutrients and cultivation equipment, as well as the latest in paraphernalia, pipes, bongs and vapes. Whether you come to stock up or get schooled, you´re guaranteed to be entertained.

An innovative industry

On a cold November day, somewhere halfway through the 90´s, an old man with a white beard, a modified pipe and fine-tuned paint stripper was handing out hits and filling up plastic bags with his latest invention. It was High Times week in one of Amsterdam´s most emblematic coffeeshops, and the debut of the vaporizer.

Big events like Spannabis, and especially the High Times Cannabis Cup in the past, are great drivers for innovation in the industry. Knowledge and information is shared and important contacts are made, the basics needed to advance at the rapid pace we are witnessing.

Production and extractions of the cannabis plant go back about as far as human civilization, but with the expansion of regulations there has been an undeniable boom in the development of all sorts of cannabis related products over the past years:

If you choose to grow your own, there is an endless variety of strains and grow products readily available. Medicinal users and athletes are now an important part of the 420 family, opening minds and markets with new CDB products. For the average recreation consumer the world has also become a slightly better place, where generally we can expect more choice and better quality. Our clubs and dispensaries have become a Candyland, or chocolate factory if you will, for grown-ups.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Applied science rules! From spectacular strains to crazy extractions, the marketplace nowadays is far removed from the world the old-timers grew up in. We are no longer at the mercy of what the local dealer has in stock, instead there is now a complete industry tailoring to all the needs and preferences of the cannabis consumer.

Looking at the latest trends and developments we can distinguish a couple of focus points that seem to drive innovation in the industry;

Firstly of course developments in the methods and machinery for extraction. Take for instance the Rosin press, a relatively easy to use heated hydraulic press. This gadget is fast becoming a standard addition in Cannabis Clubs, allowing members to enjoy their own freshly squeezed dabs.

Secondly we see intensified investigation into the wide variety of cannabinoids found in the different types of cannabis plants, focusing on the effects and exploiting its benefits. It appears we´ve only scratched the surface of its miraculous powers.

Finally we find ourselves expanding our vocabulary with the terminology from the world of smells and flavours. Got a piney bud, or a sour diesel smell on your smoke? That´s the terpenes at work! With the knowledge we now have about genetics, new strains can be created with specific taste characteristics. There are some tasty treats out there already, it´s a great time to be consuming cannabis!

Champions of Spannabis

CannabisClubSystems is sponsoring the Champions Cup this year, which will be held during Spannabis, in the evening on Friday the 13th. The stakes are high to gain bragging rights and win cash prizes in 5 categories: Sativa, Indica, CBD-rich, Solvent extractions and Non-solvent extractions.

This year we´re seeing a positive new development as judgement is passed based purely on percentages of active substances, meticulously measured and analysed by the prestigious Ananda Labs. Since 2017 there have special prizes awarded based on laboratory analysis, but this year Ananda Labs has taken over completely and the Cannabis Cup judge might well become a thing of the past.

As the industry advances, so do cannabis cups. We are happy to see that the amazing new products on the market today, are also getting recognition and respect at the most important events out there. The fact that in the future we will rely more on objective measures to assess quality and reward excellence, seems to also be a clear sign of a maturing market.

This year´s Champions Cup promises to be spectacular and CannabisClubSystems is proud to be a part of it.

Find out more about Spannabis and the Champions Cup, don´t forget to get your tickets. See you in Paradise!