Sustainability in Cannabis industry

As the effects of climate change and global warming are now clearly visible, sustainability has become more than a hot topic… it´s an urgent necessity. This is driving people and businesses all over the world to consider their own impact and innovate to contribute to a liveable planet. We have a lot of work to do.

Growing, processing, packaging and transporting marihuana can have a serious impact on the environment, but the relatively young and progressive cannabis industry is also perfectly positioned to be an example for the agricultural world as a whole. Knowledge, technology and equipment are readily available to optimize resources and minimize waste, now regulations and guidelines are also catching up.

Did you know all medical marihuana for the European market should be grown indoors? This is due to something called ‘EU-GMP’ (Good Manufacturing Practices), best practice guidelines and regulations meant to guide industries on producing safe products. Implementing more best practices on sustainability seems like the logical way forward as the cannabis industry matures and grows.

Of course, we all need to contribute.. do a bit more than just separate our garbage. Our time is about reinventing ourselves and make changes, however small.

At CannabisClubSystems we take this to heart with a clear vision to develop sustainable solutions to offer to our customers. Our online software already reduces the use of paper in cannabis clubs and with our hardware we´re also looking to provide more ECO products, like our bamboo RFID cards.