pre registro de socios

Pre-registration of members: quick, safe and easy to use

Cannabis clubs are gaining popularity, as a larger public is discovering the benefits of our favourite plant. With associations signing up large numbers of new members, it´s not uncommon to see queues at reception.

Does your club get contacted often by aspirant members, ever had a large group come in to sign up? However fast you are, it can take considerable time and disrupt other tasks.

What if new members could sign themselves up at the club, or before they even arrive!? Well, now they can with our free of charge pre-registration of members feature… Here´s how it works:

  1. Once the feature is activated, you can provide aspirant members with a weblink and security code. Having tablets at reception can also be useful, to hand out to your visitors. The application works on any mobile device.
  2. The member provides the required information, takes pictures of ID and face, fills in and signs the contract, and sends the application to the club. To finalize the process, the new member can also indicate a date and time to schedule a visit.
  3. At reception the application is revised and quickly completed. Simply verify the provided information, make sure the photo´s are clear and the contract has been signed correctly. Once the members´ profile has been created you can charge the clubs´ fee, assign a chip or card and add a guardian if needed.

Through the administration panel of our system, your Cannabis club can easily activate the feature and take control of sign-ups:

Keep it clean – Track your pending, approved and rejected applications

Keep it save – Change the confirmation code you provide in System Settings

With this new feature, CannabisClubSystems provides a fast and easy to use tool that saves time, while still insuring a correct and GDPR compliant registration process. Another great addition, created based on the ever evolving needs of our customers and our dedication to offering the best solutions on the market.

Want to know more? Check out this simple tutorial, or contact us for further information.