Cannabis para mascotas

Cannabis for pets during the holidays

It´s December, the best time of the year. After another Black Friday craze, we can now start focusing all our attention on Christmas and prepare for the new year. This means a lot of parties, family dinners and all-round holiday happiness, but December is also the month that the anxiety levels of our pets can reach extreme heights. Our furry friends can have a very hard time with the constant bangs of fireworks in the weeks surrounding New Year’s Eve.

Maybe put some CDB under the tree for your pet this Christmas? Giving this natural oil to your dog or cat can have great benefits, especially when injured, sick, old or stressed. The right dose can make the end of the year a relaxing evening, instead of a terrible nightmare.

In the last years there has been an explosion of new hemp based products. There are predictions the CBD pet care market will reach $125 million by 2022, making it one of the fastest-growing segments of the CBD market.

In Spain members often bring their dogs to Cannabis Clubs, perhaps we will also see a wider offer of products for these little patients in the future. The team at CannabisClubSystems supports our furry friends and hopes all can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful holiday season.

If you are giving cannabis products to your pet, please make sure to be well informed and use CBD from reliable suppliers.