Que es un club de Cannabis

What is a Cannabis Club?

Since the first private cannabis association opened in 1991, Cannabis Clubs have been popping up all over Spain. The growth has been explosive in regions like Cataluña and Basque Country, inviting comparisons with Amsterdam and California. There are, however, important differences between a Dutch coffeeshop, a Cali dispensary and a Spanish non-profit association.. So how does it all work?

The consumption and possession of cannabis in a private setting is completely legal in Spain, while trade and sales are still prohibited. Within the current legal framework a licence can be obtained to open a private association for the consumption of cannabis, both for medicinal and recreational use. These associations are legally constituted as a non profit with statutes and annual meetings. A democratic organisation that invites members to participate.

Inside the clubs, members can be dispensed after making a donating and are free to consume cannabis in a generally very comfortable setting. But these associations are much more than just a hang out where you go to get high. A Cannabis Club is an establishment where likeminded people come together to share experiences and information regarding all aspects of cannabis. A place to play games and watch football matches together, but also a place for social debate on legality and regulation.

Beginning this year the WHO basically admitted experts had been wrong about cannabis for decades, and all around the world we see attitudes shifting towards legalisation. The 4:20 community is well established and cannabis is here to stay, so we can expect big changes in the near future. This also means that clubs and dispensaries will have to be able to rapidly adjust to new legislation and regulations, something we have seen happen recently in the US.

The main goal of CannabisClubSystems is to provide clubs and dispensaries with the tools they need to operate efficiently, in compliance with current laws and prepared for new regulations as they develop.

Source: https://cannabismadrid.net/