The Company

Cannabis Club Systems was created by some of the best international talent in the tech industry. Having worked with different industry sectors and different sizes of business allowed this team to grow into recognized experts. We work closely with our clients ensuring we understand fully their way of operating to guarantee we give them the best solutions possible to enable them to save time, money and resources.

CCS was founded to fulfill a need. It was built to help manage an existing cannabis club founded in Madrid. The challenge was to control all aspects of the club locally and remotely and from this need grew Cannabis Club Systems. Since then we have gone on to take new challenges and to pair our software solutions with unique hardware solutions tailored towards cannabis clubs in Spain and abroad.

Our Solutions

We help you grow with your business

Each cannabis business is different and that is why we can help you with our experience as a consultant in the sector to optimize the resources and the management and administration of your venture.

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