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Planet13 – The World’s largest dispensary

Exterior de Planet13

Today we will take you on an exciting tour of the world’s largest cannabis dispensary: “Planet13” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Join us on this journey where cannabis is the absolute protagonist, we will explore the facilities of this amazing place and discover all the options and activities they have to offer. Planet13’s amazing facilities and […]

Reducing risks through responsible cannabis use

Did you know that responsible cannabis use contributes to the reduction of associated risks? It also provides users with a safer and more pleasurable experience. Join us in this article and discover how to enjoy its benefits in a responsible and conscious way. Recreational and therapeutic use Between recreational and medical cannabis use, there are […]

Cannabis and creativity: how to boost your artistic side

Cannabis y creatividad

Did you know that cannabis, and in particular its active component, THC, can influence our creativity? For centuries cannabis or marijuana has been used in many cultures for its psychoactive properties. In recent decades, much research has been done on the effects of cannabis on creativity and for many artists, the plant can act as […]

History of the cannabis renaissance

Historia del renacimiento del cannabis

Since the early 1900s, the authorities started prosecuting cannabis consumption and, as we reported in our previous article on the history of its prohibition, the reasons were related to economic and political interests rather than its arguable dangerousness for human use. Fortunately, today we can say that we are living in a period of cannabis […]

Uses of hemp you should know about

Hemp Uses

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) represents a very important natural resource which unfortunately has been underestimated worldwide ever since it became prohibited (in Spain since 1967, A/N). Essentially, hemp and cannabis are the same plant, the only difference being that hemp contains very little THC, does not generate a psychoactive effect and is mainly used for […]